Mulititasking: Shred Your Excess & Help the Disabled

By Nancy Watson, CPO-CD

As we prepare for taxes and so many end-of-year documents arrive in the mail, the file cabinet ends up bulging and the piles of papers spill onto  the floor.  This is a great time of year to go through and get rid of all that excess paper.  At this time I see no advertised free shredding events on the Southside, however there is always Eggleston Services in both Hampton and Norfolk, year round for $30.  Here are the details….

Start the new year fresh and clean out those documents and files.  Year round document destruction services are available for $30 at Eggleston Services, 3525 North Military Highway, Norfolk VA 23513, phone 757.962.2189. Hours: 8-4 pm, Monday thru Friday.  Once inside, tell the person at the desk you are dropping off documents for destruction.  Someone will bring a blue bin out to your car and help you unload.  You will place a lock on the container and they’ll take the bin to the secure facility.  You will be provided one large blue recycling bin similar to the ones we use curbside in Virginia Beach.  Staples, credit cards, DVD’s, paperclips are accepted.  This bin has the  capacity to hold 10 book-boxes full of  paper, not including the boxes.  I recommend you gather your documents, tape the boxes and head over to Eggleston.  Know that for $30 you have helped support people from the local community with disabilities, along with the peace of mind knowing that your documents will not lead to identity theft.  This is an ISO certified shred facility that will provide you a receipt AND follow up with a certificate of destruction including the date the documents were destroyed.  Ten boxes is a lot of documents,  so partner with your neighbors and friends.  Make sure those important papers do not result in identity theft, use Eggleston’s service and support the disabled. Thirty dollars well spent!

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