ADHD: Finding the Recipe That Makes My Soup

by Carol Lewellyn

Diagnosis: ADHD. If that was the recipe, now I needed to find all of the ingredients in my personal ADHD soup – so I picked up my laptop and went to work.

It was the beginning to building my gourmet life. I found out why I can’t hear people when they whisper. Now I know why I MUST have music during Thanksgiving dinner.

Then I began to read. Most people with ADHD leap and scream in agreement when I mention that my favorite ADHD book of all time is You Mean I’m Not Lazy Crazy or Stupid?!

I have this book on every Kindle and computer I own. I had a paperback copy too, until I loaned to it a friend. I was so sure she had ADHD I made her borrow it, and now I am more certain than ever she has ADHD because she can’t remember to bring it back to me.

Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo self-published the first version of this book in 1993, and added an updated version in 2006. Their ADHD brains provide support, humor, understanding and information that I go back to all the time. I knew I had found the right book when I read in Kate Kelly’s introduction the quote ”ADD is not an excuse, it is an explanation”.

Many locations will have this book; offers both new and used hardcover and paperback versions of the book from $6.19 to $14.98, and the Kindle version is $9.99. There is even an audiobook!

I hope some of these bits and pieces of great ADHD information help and interest you too. Let me know if you are thumbs up or down, and please share YOUR sources of support and inspiration too.


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